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The Solitary Path

There's no shame in being busy...

A Fountain of Unity for Solitary Witches

There's no shame in being busy...

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Homina coffee
First, I'm glad to have found this community; the postings may be a hair slow, but we have these dratted things called mundane lives. Honestly. A bit ridiculous to have to work for a living, pay the mortgage and car payments and insurance and..oh, fudge. Actually, I much prefer fudge.

I'm solitary and have been for the past 11 years; it's a never ending, winding road and there've been many lessons...and probably more to come. My practice is eclectic, rather like the approach I had with clients back when I was working in mental health: you do what works best for you. Purists would faint if they saw the altar room.

I finally got my 'stuff' together and landed a job closer into the field that I want to be back in....and most importantly, I got myself out of a job whose time had come, at least for me. I can look back over the last three years and see WHY I was there and for WHOM; I also saw things coming to an end. Back to another devil with whom I've had previous employment, and now I have a car payment so things need to work out...translated, I need to remember what I've learned over the last 11 years. And, mundanely speaking, keep my mouth shut whenever someone is being an irritating....who, me, critical? The bureaucracy exists to perpetuate the bureaucracy. End of sermon. I know better than to be 'out' but I can still be me and wear my talisman discretely. I don't mind this type of thing, not now. It helps pay the bills, it gives me a smidgen of self esteem, and I can still buy all the 7 day candles and dragon's blood I want! And the lovely part is that no one HAS to know that my medicine bag is in my purse as well as a few other items of interest. What,this? Oh, just some perfume. I used to cram the medicine bag in my bra but that was a bit of a hoot when I would lean over and it would plop out. Some of the Philistines I worked for 10 years ago would call it my leather pager whenever I had it tied to my jeans.

I hope all of you are well and that none of you have a puppy threatening to chew through the cord on the laptop. Perish the thought!
  • No pups. Got a parrot that likes to chew on the mouse wire. Loud little SOB
  • Well, as long as he doesn't hum Jimmy Buffet songs whilst chewing.....argh. The Monty Python skit about the parrot comes to mind, must get this out of my head quickly!
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