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The Solitary Path

Wow, yeah...

A Fountain of Unity for Solitary Witches

Wow, yeah...

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Short Cut
So the last time I posted was in January. And frankly that is probably the last time I gave any kind of consideration to my spiritual path more then just a passing "I really should...."
Its sad really. I have an alter. Its in the corner of my bedroom. I don't remember the last time I lit any of the candles or a stick of incense. I am just now coming to grips with the life on the more corporeal side of life.... it is sad that it takes accepting everything else in order to give myself time to think about this.

I need to start taking the time too meditate again but I have gotten into such a habit of business that it is hard to find the time to really sit down for a good long period and just be. So, until I do find a block of time I am going to make a list of small steps that I can take to at least relax and focus on the beauty around me and maybe as I am doing so give a nod the energies that be.

1. When on the bus/train (usually for 10 to 15 blocks of time) use that time to breath deeply and fully through the nose, eyes open or closed.
2. Make a play list on my ipod for said relaxing purpose.
3. If I have a moment and I am walking somewhere and happen to spot an excellent sitting space of green or otherwise take fifteen minutes to just sit and focus the energy filling everything around me.
4. Take more notice of things around me, don't be in such a hurry if it isn't  required
5. Take more solace in silence when I find it.
6. Bake something and imbue it with my own personal power, share with friends. Enjoy the process.
7. Find a good climbing tree.
8. Go down to the river/waterfalls and take pictures.
9. Explore those paths in the park that are less beaten.
10. Hold at least a small ritual for each Sabbat and Esbat, even if it is just a few moments to think about the circle of the year and what point it is at.
11. Prepare for winter on all levels.
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