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The Solitary Path

I was out the other night with friends. And I met some new people,…

A Fountain of Unity for Solitary Witches

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I was out the other night with friends. And I met some new people, one of which was a friends older sister. A Wiccan woman named Stacy. Now my friend thought that sense we shared some of the same beliefs, we'd get along famously. Well...we barely talked all night.
Both of us solitaries. Although we enjoyed the others personal artwork, tattoos, we just....didn't have anything to say to each other.

Anyone ran into this sort of situation?
Do you think we'd open up a little more upon further meetings?
  • I have met other solitaries and gotten along with them fine but we would never talk about our beliefs.... Those that I have met that are in covens have been more open and sharing about belief and thoughts as such (probably because they are used to it)... I think solitaries are so for a reason. Their beliefs are their own and as such could be like no one elses. Like take me for instance. I dont talk about my spirituality.... not even on the community that I created for that very prupose it seems. For me its because I dont know how to describe it... and as a solitary I imagine there is no one else in the world that could possibly have the same beliefs.... similar in some aspects maybe, not completely... and I like it that way because when I was part of something organized where everyone had to belive the same thing (albeit it was JW's that was/is extreme bible realism) I felt like i was suffocating. When ever you get more then one person involved there has to be some kind of organization... scheduling debate over beliefs, what will happens in ritual... all not bad thing... but things that are easier to do for yourself to get it just right for yourself.

    I would like to be able to share... the thought is there and that is why I created a community online where there is less pressure to impress... but I spend a lot of time being solitary with my own beliefs and have come so used to it its hard for me to think someone else might not think I am silly (which I have encountered a lot... with non-pagans though...)... Really I should just suck it up and feel free to share because the pagan community is often open and caring for anyone involved in our sort of path... even solitaries despite the fact we might feel very protective of our own.
    • I suppose if I had a coven...I'd run the rituals like I play poker; Each dealer picks their own game.

      Off topic but... I just finished a book that I think you'd dig on.
      The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho. Quick easy read that inspires.
      • Yes it IS a very good book. :)

        I work in a book store hon... for me not to have picked up that book and at least paged through it would be incredibly unlikely considering its place on the bestsellers list off and on forever.

        It is actually the top most suggested book by me to people who want to read, don't want to read, dont like to read or doesnt know what to read... and I have never gotten a complaint. :)

        Ok I will shut up now... thank you though, I am glad that you thought of me :)
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