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The Solitary Path

I had a ritual last night...

A Fountain of Unity for Solitary Witches

I had a ritual last night...

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Short Cut
I asked the powers of the Elements and the Gods and Goddess to watch over and aid in my creating. While I sat at my easel working on an already work in progress (one I was having difficulty finishing) my alter blazed away beside it. Earlier yesterday I attended a circle with friends of mine, and we charged work tools... I charged my paint brush on suggestion from the hostess. It was a good experience.... the day was a good day... until I did my taxes but thats a post for a different journal.
  • I don't know why but....I decided to check the people in this community out. Turns out the majority haven't updated/been logged on LJ for a year+

    No one to hear the poison of my tongue.
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