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The Solitary Path

Well, it continues to be one heck of a long, strange trip

A Fountain of Unity for Solitary Witches

Well, it continues to be one heck of a long, strange trip

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You'd think as big as the metroplex of DFW sprawls, there would be solitary practitioners underfoot. I think that, for reasons of employment (it's still the Bible Belt and 59 years on a rosary probably won't change most attitudes here) and the matters of the mundane, there are a lot of us but we're back in the broom closet, so to speak.

When I moved briefly to northern Oklahoma, I met another solitary who ran a small herb and tea outfit; she catered to the 'natural remedy' folks but if you looked closely and hard enough there was plenty of pagan supplies. I used to spend my lunch hour up there just because it was another person who 'knew' what it was like to always be a bit on the outside. It seems there are at least 2 covens operating out of that area; a bit surprising to me. I met the High Priestess of one of them; she had at least 10 years on me and I'll be 51 this year. Dimes to doughnuts she was a Ceremonialist at one time, but that's mainly my gut instinct kicking in.

There's an active group at CUUPS but for reasons that are my own, that 'crew' left a rather strange taste in my mouth. My husband and I have attended some solstice meetings and what seems to be the main item of talk and concern is when will Scott Cunningham be reincarnated and how soon so and so is going to be an HP. It's just nothing that either he or I can identify with. The few we're most close to are in Oklahoma. We're lucky if we get to see them once a year; gotta make that money and pay that mortgage. After all, watching The Secret and following its' advice will only take you so far on mortgage payments and getting the dishwasher loaded. Mundane stuff.

I've finally landed a decent job up in Denton, where I'm sure 'alternatives' abound. Most of the folks I work with directly are a Christian enclave if ever there was one. I've got more in common with the direct care staff who are sporting thousands of dollars of skin art and who are gay/lesbian. That's alright by me; I just have to try to be as unobtrusive as possible. I caught more than one remark about my medicine bag and my AIM jacket. I can take a hint. Don't have to like it, but better to take heed and 'appear' to get in line than to openly defy the status quo up there.

Too tired to write any more. Sounds like everyone is in the middle of a mixed bag; either it's fairly easy to find like minded others who are unattached to a group, or it's not. So it goes.....rk
  • You're more brave than I. I'd avoid a group setting because I hate exposing my beliefs. And yet oddly I want to start some kind of social alternative spirituality type group. Conundrum.
    Have you thought of starting your own brand of group dynamic?
    • Honestly, it's like herding cats....

      About 2 years ago another Pagan acquaintance and I started one of those "Meet Ups"; I paid for 3 months of the mess and we found there were a LOT of solitaires around, but getting us all together was a problem. I migrated the group to a yahoo group; I made tables of suggested readings; I posted files for all types of things that garden variety Pagans run into. We ended up with a Ceremonialist amoung us; he was very active with us and even after he moved to the Pacific NW he continued to be active. But that was really the limit: a guy in Washington state, 2 folks in Oklahoma, and me.

      There were the inevitable glitches in meetings, even on the weekends. We worked. We had transportation issues. Hell, the people who were MOST involved and came in for the meetings were from Oklahoma City!!!

      We had about 4 informal meetings here at my house; the biggest one was the most fun; we got out the talking boards and tarot and had a good time. Ate a lot of veggies off the veggie tray, munched on fruit. But that was the only bright spot; things dwindled and, as Pagans are as susceptible to falling out as anyone else, the other organizer and I agreed..kind of amicably..to part ways.

      My contacts in OKC and I have attempted to raise 'cyber interest' over on My Space but it's just the same business as it was on yahoo at our group: Otter and I do most of the postings of 'hello, how the hell are ya?' as well as recommended reading and spells and what not and there's NOTHING from the rest of the group save for one or two folks. I've migrated it ONE LAST TIME over here to Occultists_inc (and you are more than welcome to check this out....it's very bare bones right now). So far, no one else has come over except Otter and my husband. I've posted a couple of job spells and I tried to make the group seem sort of interesting....I don't need 'fluff bunnies, wannabees, and Llwellyn addicts' as the only members. I spoon fed my 2 children until they could handle that device for themselves; I've no desire to throw the kind of energy into something like we did for the Yahoo group only to have folks just be there to grab information. I know that ALL of us get excited to have more information, but sharing is part of being a grown up as well.

      I really believe we've crossed into an age where 'group think' is declining rapidly. Despite the insanity of the leaders on this planet, a LOT of people are figuring it out for themselves and seeing that our lives have been programmed for some time. Breaking out of that programming is hard; we're used to being sheep, we want to be told what to do because we fear we don't know what we're doing. And, I do believe, it makes little difference because we're all on the path back home....some paths are the same, some similar, and some radically different than yours or mine but they lead back to the source.

      Or, I could be totally wrong.

      The institution where I'm working is a hoot: you've got literally herds of Christians of all brands and types running the joint but out in the residential section you find the free thinkers. They cross the barriers. But I'm back in the broom closet for the most part. I'm going to migrate as much as I can over to the group here...IF...anyone migrates here from MS. If not, I'm folding the whole mess up and chalking it up to experience.

      BTW, thank you for the remark that I'm brave....it's more like I just don't give a hoot. Age does that to you!

      Peace in our time (well, we can hope and visualize...)/robbie
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