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July 3rd, 2006

First, I'm glad to have found this community; the postings may be a hair slow, but we have these dratted things called mundane lives. Honestly. A bit ridiculous to have to work for a living, pay the mortgage and car payments and insurance and..oh, fudge. Actually, I much prefer fudge.

I'm solitary and have been for the past 11 years; it's a never ending, winding road and there've been many lessons...and probably more to come. My practice is eclectic, rather like the approach I had with clients back when I was working in mental health: you do what works best for you. Purists would faint if they saw the altar room.

I finally got my 'stuff' together and landed a job closer into the field that I want to be back in....and most importantly, I got myself out of a job whose time had come, at least for me. I can look back over the last three years and see WHY I was there and for WHOM; I also saw things coming to an end. Back to another devil with whom I've had previous employment, and now I have a car payment so things need to work out...translated, I need to remember what I've learned over the last 11 years. And, mundanely speaking, keep my mouth shut whenever someone is being an irritating....who, me, critical? The bureaucracy exists to perpetuate the bureaucracy. End of sermon. I know better than to be 'out' but I can still be me and wear my talisman discretely. I don't mind this type of thing, not now. It helps pay the bills, it gives me a smidgen of self esteem, and I can still buy all the 7 day candles and dragon's blood I want! And the lovely part is that no one HAS to know that my medicine bag is in my purse as well as a few other items of interest. What,this? Oh, just some perfume. I used to cram the medicine bag in my bra but that was a bit of a hoot when I would lean over and it would plop out. Some of the Philistines I worked for 10 years ago would call it my leather pager whenever I had it tied to my jeans.

I hope all of you are well and that none of you have a puppy threatening to chew through the cord on the laptop. Perish the thought!

December 24th, 2006

...and if you're like my husband and me, and have to gear up for both, I'm hoping you could avoid the malls. Unless, of course, you don't mind crushes of people.

I could be antisocial; this would explain a lot!

Happy Holidays, wherever you are and whatever your path. May you find peace in our time.

November 17th, 2006

(no subject)

I have this friend. He just instictively knows emotional states of other people. He can read a situation from an emotional stand point, and than influence it. Thats just his thing.
I'm emotional inapt and can't read tells and body language very well, if at all. However....I can read the energy of the the situation. Which anyone can do really, if you've ever been to a concert or movie theater. I'm just sensitive that way. I also have a unique analytical quility that allows me to read people in other ways. From appearence to speech I can tell if there is trouble at home, a healthy work environment, abuse as a child, good sex life, etc. I can do the same thing with analizing dreams also. I also have a way with interacting with animals. (except birds, they hate me)

I was just wondering what you all are good at?
Maybe you stammer your words with people but can write epic stories or letters.
Maybe you can see sounds.
Maybe your gut tells you to zig instead of zag.
I can bet we all know who is calling on the phone. (besides telemarketers)
Maybe you knew that I would post something like this.
Maybe you are filled with divinity and through it, create wonderful works of...Art?
Maybe you know hallowed ground when you walk on it.
Maybe you know who has been in the room before you got there.
Maybe you had a really awesome acid trip and you know what the color blue tastes like.
ok...you get the point. Post what ya got. Don't be shy because we'll only laugh at you on this side of the screen and you'll never know about it.

November 11th, 2006


Hello, all. Thank you kindly for accepting my request to join this community, lovika. I thought perhaps I needed to speak up and say hello, especially since the number of community members do not provide much social cover.

Right. I am so tempted to say "I yam what I yam" and leave it at that, but, well, that's too easy. I do not know about y'all, but I sometimes learn by forcing myself to ignore the easy road.

I suppose I've always been pagan. I was raised in a mainstream religion, but it felt creepy to me, even then. I escaped into the woods near my house as often as possible, because the woods felt like "home". I loved the trees and the sounds of the woods. Still do.

I've always felt an affinity to oak trees. Talk to them, even. As a child, I was a loner, and I was attracted to the way oaks stand apart, stand strong, and grow at their own pace. As an adult, I remember asking the oaks near the entrance to my son's preschool to watch over him there. The description of the grove of oaks that serve as a setting for this story comes from real memories.

And boy scouts, well, maybe I was not paying attention to everything in boy scouts, but I sure paid attention to the bits about respect for mother earth, for nature, for our connections to everything around us. Am I calling boy scouts pagan? I dare not, but I certainly loved those parts of boy scouts that resonated with that part of me.

What flavor of pagan? I have no idea. I tend towards the "do the right thing" espoused by druidism. I love oral history and storytelling, which I suppose leans me towards bardic. On the third hand, the solid interconnectedness and the "as it harm no one" and the promise of the rule of three from wiccan resonates well. So. Which pagan pigeonhole? I'll go with "solitary". Heh. I go my own way with an eye towards what makes sense to me as I grow and learn, rather than looking to others for guidance. Information, stories, ideas from others, certainly, but not guidance. And, ye gawds, the thought of me providing spiritual guidance to another fills me with horror.

At the same time, I accept and acknowledge the human drive for social connections. I learned that lesson well. And so I joined LJ with the intent to make connections with interesting people, and lo! A group of solitaries?! I love the innate contradiction, and I suspect that no one in this community will attempt to dissuade me of my solitary ways.

And so. Well met, and thank you.

November 10th, 2006

(no subject)

Green Man
Hello my pretty community in which I often fail to check in with. Life is busy, and that brings me joy... it keeps my mind of other things that might otherwise bring me down.

I had an incredible ritual for Samhain, I shared it with a friend of mine in Vancouver when I was on vacation. I have never done that before, seeing as I have always been a solitary. I am glad I tried it, he got a lot out of it too.

I was visiting the ocean so I took a day to collect things from the beach to go on the alter. I brought these things home to MN, and they will always be special. And when I eventually move to Vancouver next april they will still represent an amazing night.

It was quiet, inrospective, we put things that represented the people whom we love that have passed on on the alter as well... we welcomed them, the corners, and the Goddess and God. We bid adieu to the things in our lives that we were leaving behind in the old year and toasted the new one. It was nice to share it with someone. A managed to raise a bit of energy to send out, just having him watch my trance helped (I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist anyways *now don't think dirty:P*) Perhaps next time it will be a little more energetic on both sides.

Anways, Merry Belated Samhain and Blessed Be.

November 6th, 2006

(no subject)

I have no internet. I only get to stop by via my parents computer. For now.

I'm really excited about the season. Yes it comes every year. When it gets here we say we weren't ready for this yet. But I was. I'm really digging on crunchy leaves and fall aromas. Seems like a little cold outside makes it a little warmer inside, and I'm inspired. Reading and performing my works. Going internal, into my own little world, for the winter months ahead. I can't wait to be out in it.

And maybe we don't share that much in here, but its so hard to express whats going on, on the inside. As long as there is something going on with or in you....I guess that is all that really matters. I hope you're all doing well that happen by this little piece.

September 25th, 2006

Today was a very good day.
I went to the Renaissance Festival with my flatmate today. It was a beautiful, not so hot I felt like taking my makeshift costume off, but not so cold I had to wear a coat and cover said cotume either. There was something amazing in the air, my entire body just tingled the entire time.... which I have never felt before. I couldn't wash the smile off of my face. I think it had something to do with the fact I wasn't there with someone who would rush me through this time, a girl after my own heart. Saw a "naughty bawdy" show, looked around at some places.
My flatmate had this urge all of a sudden to go into this jewelry place because she wanted to get a cladaugh ring. We walked in, I looked in the case with her... and I spotted it. My heart skipped a beat, my eyes welled up with tears, then my heart started to race. I was being emotionally moved my a piece of jewelry I have been seeing in my dreams for years. This ring was it, the missing piece.... I have been looking for this ring as long as I can remember. And now it is on my finger and it is never coming off.
It wasn't "Oh thats pretty I would like to have that."... it wasn't "How much is it? Oh thats too much, I guess not".... It wasn't any of those things. It was fate.
I cried. The shop lady told me I had to go out to the sunlight and look at it there. I cried. My flatmate saw the look in my eyes and she knew I had to have it... thing is right now I am kinda broke... but I couldn't let it go. SO I cried a little more trying to figure out where I would pull the money from, and it turns out that I had some stashed away for my birthday.... and well its gone now, but there isn't an ounce of regret in that statement.
It is silver and iolite. And ever since I put it on I turned into a heat baby... I am giving off so much heat its crazy, especially in my head and cheeks. And the feeling is much less now, but I also had/have a kind of high drunkeness about me. I dont know whether it is just the excitement or the fair, of finding the ring, or the ring itself. I cant stop looking at it.
I have just done a little research on Iolite (not knowing much about it when I picked it up).
Here are my findingCollapse )

September 22nd, 2006

Merry Mabon!

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

The leaves are just starting to tinge the colours of fall here and there is a chill in the air that harkens in the first signs of winter rolling our way. I love the breath of mint in the air as it cools my my skin and lungs.

Today I baked Zuccini loaf (actually its baking as I type this) and tomorrow I offer a piece and the mulched peels to the earth. I always feel far more connected to the season change in the Autumn, perhaps it is because I am not a heat baby. I prefer the cool, so long as it isnt generated fakely by the a/c. Perhaps it is because I am born in November, when where I live Winter hasn't seens its worst yet but wearing a sweater and curling up in a blanket with tea is common practice. I am also drawn to night more then day, perhaps that too explains my penchant for the dark half of the year. Not that I don't enjoy shaking the snow off my limbs in spring. Autumn just feels more magical to me.

Blessed Be.

September 16th, 2006

Holy Cripes....

Green Man
You know what. The biggest issue in my life is that there is so little time in it.

I cannot expect everyone else to have time and keep tlaking here either if I do not.

I am getting myself together in a lot of areas of my life and spirituality is still a big part... I just keep forgetting that I have a public outlet for it.

So if evryone will forgive me. This is MY community after all.
I will try to be better.

I appreciate everyone who is listening.

June 22nd, 2006

(no subject)

Beauty is...
Well, I see that this place has becom sadly abandoned.... by me no less and it is my community.

I just wanted to say : 

Merry Midsummer and
Happy Litha! to anyone out there still listening :)

I went out on our balcony to welcome the Goddess and God and the four Elements to my circle this time. I disrobed all but my triquetra, created a small circle with salt, water, candle fire and incense, and meditated taking all of natures energies into me. I was... very... freeing being outside naked and it heighten the experience completely. I understand it better now, although I will never really really understand until I can be amongst the trees, bare feet in grass, someday.

I am improving my quality of life right now in leaps and bounds. I plan to be here more often. I hope this encourages you to do that same :)  
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