The Solitary Path

A Road That Need Not Be Traveled Alone

A Fountain of Unity for Solitary Witches
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Starting Over....

Hello there. Are you on a path that excites you? Are you a pagan that likes the solitary life but might need a shoulder now and again?

I am using this community to talk about everything that has to do with my religion, my spirituality, my beliefs, my actions... uncensored, for the most part. I invite you too, to join and share. There will be no judgement passed, just an ear listening (or rather eye reading :)) and hopefully more often then not help if you need it but we are all students here (and always will be). I am going to talk about my mistakes, my mishaps, my stumbles and falls. I going to talk about my achievements, my learning process, things that lift me and take me to the next level and my research. We are all human, and need support. And you can find it here.

Blessed Be
With Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

My only guidelines are that no one be judged and no negative energy. This does not mean you cannot post issues and problems, this means you cannot bash, talk down, swear, and be an all around pain in everyones behinds unless you wish to be removed. All comments are kind, and if critical, constructively so. Life is what we make it, my life only effects you if you let it, visa versa.